Saturday, June 8, 2019

6 Ways To Stay Motivated To Train In The Long Run

Training is a lifestyle and this is why sometimes many gym-goers can lack the motivation needed to succeed in the long term. If you are training every day you know the struggle of motivating yourself to go through your workout. This is why you experience good workouts and great workouts. When you feel motivated and when you have the vision of what you want to achieve you go further with an extra set, extra rep or even spend a few more minutes on the treadmill. Here are the best ways of staying motivated in the long run:
1. Set small goals
This is the first advice personal trainers give. The psychology behind the advice is based on realistic expectations and the palpable results. For example, if you are trying to reduce your body fat percentage, it would seem an insurmountable task to go into the double digits changes. But if you plan to reduce your body fat by 3% in 3 months you know that with the right work ethic and the best nutrition, this can be achieved.
2. Adjust your lifestyle
One of the main problems with training is that once you start to skip a workout it will become easier to skip the next one. This is why you will have to make small adjustments in your lifestyle. For example, if you don’t have the time to work out on a particular day, you can still find the time to go for a 10 minute walk or even go to the gym for 15 minute on a bicycle. These small sacrifices will feel easier to handle but they will keep you motivated to work out even on days when it seems impossible.
3. Be your own personal trainer
Working out can be a solitary experience. You will not be part of a team and there will be no coach to hold you responsible for you not training on a day or even for not eating right. This is why you will want to be your own trainer or coach. You will have to be responsible for a minimally organized schedule which allows you to keep working out while improving your results which has the potential of motivating you on the long term.
4. Find like-minded people
This is one of the most important tips you can get as you progress with your training. Finding like-minded people can be one of the best methods of staying motivated and discussing some of the issues you may encounter. This is the time to perform at your best as you can even get a training partner. And the psychological response to this can be fantastic. On days on which you are not really motivated your training partner can motivate you. At the same time, you can do the same for him or her and get the motivation needed to go for a great training session.
Even more, you can take the opportunity to make new friends with whom you can discuss important tips for exercises, nutrition or resting. Sharing your experiences and struggles might be the best method of staying motivated as you can learn from other people’s experience.
5. Track progress
Tracking progress is one of the demonstrated techniques to keep you motivated. It creates the background you need to compare your starting point to where you are at the present moment. Progress can be tracked through pictures, scale measurements, personal records on weights, personal records on the treadmill, calorie burning records etc.
The good news is that you will most likely have a combination of these records which you can always refer to when you are not feeling motivated. Many bodybuilders experience the plateau moments when they feel they are not progressing anymore. This is when they go back to where they started and compare the results to the present time. This will create a positive approach which can trigger the change in training or nutrition which will push them past the plateau and keep them motivated on the long term.
6. Make fitness a priority
Your daily training sessions might seem like a chore sometimes. But if you actually make fitness a priority you will get the opportunity of planning your day and your weeks. You will know what you’ll eat, when you’ll go to the gym and the time you will go to bed. In other words, you will be better at organizing your life. This means that you can make fitness a priority and that you can go to a new level if you plan a take the required steps to get there. Many aspects of training are in your control and this can motivate you to keep going in the long term.
There are other methods of staying motivated to train in the long run. A good advice is to always remember where you started as this can create the required momentum to keep you going. It would also be recommended to help others out with what you can.
Maybe you can give a good advice to a person in the gym or maybe you can just point them into the right direction. This can improve your own training experience and can motivate you far beyond your personal experience. Thus, if you want to keep training with good results in the long run, you will have to apply some of these tips.

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